What are Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUES)?

TUEs are written approval to use prohibited substance or method for therapeutic purposes. Athletes who require such use must submit TUEs application to the National Anti-Doping Organization (ADAMAS), National Sport Federation (MAP), or International Sport Federation (IPF), depending on the level of meet you are competing.

TUEs will only be granted if:

  • The athlete would experience a significant impairment to health if the prohibited substance or method has been retained to treat chronic medical conditions.
  • Therapeutic use of prohibited substances or methods will result in no additional performance improvements.
  • There is no reasonable alternative other than to use the prohibited substances or methods.

When should I apply for TUEs?

You should apply for TUEs as soon as you are prescribed the medication, prior to using the medication. For substances prohibited In-Competition only, you should apply for TUEs at least thirty (30) days before your next Competition, unless it is an emergency or exceptional situation.

Who do I apply for TUEs?

For National-Level Athlete: You must apply via ADAMAS TUEs Form to be granted prior to the use of your medication. If the IPF chooses to collect a sample, and you are using a Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method for therapeutic reasons, you will be allowed to apply for the IPF for retroactive TUEs if you do not already have one granted by ADAMAS.


For International-Level Athlete:
 You must apply via IPF TUEs Form to be granted prior to the use of your medication. If you already have TUEs granted by ADAMAS, you may request that the IPF recognize the TUEs granted by ADAMAS. Please send your TUEs to the IPF TUEC and copy IPF Anti-Doping.


When Do You Need A TUE