After having switched in 2018 to the new IPF Formula, the IPF did an evaluation of this method in 2019. This evaluation has been done by a team consisting of Oleksandr Kopayev, Dr. Borys Onyshchenko and Dr. Anatoliy Stetsenko. The reason for this evaluation is, because we realised that the Formula we implemented in 2018 is still not balanced and fair to all lifters. As we are a modern federation and want to be fair to all, we are always striving to optimise all processes in our federation and in this case also the bodyweight coefficient. This is a part of our evolution and most important for our sport to be up to date.

The result of the evaluation is that the team around Mr. Kopayev could find out another calculating method, which is more fair among all weight classes. For this reason, the IPF Executive Board decided to replace the 2018 introduced IPF Formula with the new IPF GL Points.

The new points will be valid as of 1st May 2020 and will be used on all IPF sanctioned events (National Qualifiers and National Championships).

The IPF encourages all of our member federations, including us (MAP), to also use the new IPF GL Points on all national events to guarantee that all lifters around the world are using and calculating with the one and same method. With this you all can ensure that the lifters, who competing on national events, will have immediately the chance to compare their results with other lifters on the globe.

The IPF did an evaluation based on scientific knowledge to find a fair method. It is the duty for all member federations using the one and same bodyweight calculator around the world, instead to mix it up with others.

Download IPF GL Coefficient