National Athlete’s Qualifications

1. Lifters’ total have to meet MAP’s Grading Scale based in individual genders, weight and age class.

2. Lifters must be an active MAP members (and thus drug testable) who based in Malaysia for minimum of 6 months from the calendar year.

3. Lifters must actively volunteer in at least 1 Session of any National Qualifier/Bench-Only Meet AND National Championships each, before nominations.
(a) Session = Venue Setup/Dismantling, Moving Equipment, Social Media, and/or Spotters/Loaders
(b) Masters are encouraged to volunteer as a National Referee only

4. Lifters must complete ADEL course on WADA or attend at least 1 session of Anti Doping Webinar by ADAMAS (optional). Submit certification of completion upon request by MAP.

5. Lifters must be in good standing with the association.

Numbers of Representative

1. Only best lifter (in total) of each of the weight classes will be selected as National Representative. The second best lifter (in total) will be placed into the reserve list: however, the reserve lifter can only be eligible to compete, if the 1st best lifter (in total) in the weight class category drops out.

2. As for World Championship, each nation is allowed a maximum of 8 competitors spread throughout the range of the 8 bodyweight categories for men and women. In the Junior and Sub-Junior age categories 9 for men and women. There must not be more than two competitors from any one nation in any particular bodyweight category.

Additional Notes

1. Lifters who are planning to change their own weight/age class for the following year Nationals, have to register themselves in any of the National Qualifier with the “new” weight/age class. Their “existing” weight/age class result is only valid within the duration of a year from the last meet they have competed.

2. In circumstances of a tie between two (2) lifters, lifter with the highest point based on IPF GL. Formula will be determined the higher placing.

3. Nominations will prioritize on total score of each lifter follow by individual lift.

4. Final decision on National Team selection is at the discretion of the association.

Qualifying And Grading