What is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a barbell strength sport that revolves around lifting the most amount of weight in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

What is Malaysian Association for Powerlifting (MAP)?

The Malaysian Association for Powerlifting/Persatuan Powerlifting Malaysia (MAP) is the national governing body sanctioned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia/Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Malaysia (KBS). We are the official member nation of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), Asian Powerlifting Federation (APF), and Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation (CPF). Our purpose is to effectively govern the development of the sport of powerlifting and its athletes.

Do I need to sign up as member in order to compete in any MAP competition?

Yes, as per the IPF Rules, all participants must be a member of the IPF National Federation. If you are Malaysian or Permanent Resident, or a foreigner living in Malaysia on a long-term visa, you must be a member of Malaysian Association For Powerlifting. If you are a non-resident, please send us an email at map.powerlifting@gmail.com.

Can I still compete if I am not local?

Yes, you can still choose to compete in our National Qualifiers and National Championships. However, you will only be categorised as "Guest Lifter". Hence, you are not eligble for any placing, medal, as well as breaking the national record. Other form of prizes in different meet may vary accordingly.

Can I compete if I am a member of other countries' IPF affiliate?

You may ask your respective IPF affiliate to write in to us via email. Please note that they must state your full name, email address, and an official permission to grant you the participation of the meet that you want to compete in. Once they have done so, alongside with the agreement within the MAP board of committees, we will send them a link for you to register.

Can I compete in the National Championships if I have competed in meets hosted by other countries' IPF affiliate?

Yes, this is one of our benefits being an IPF member nation. We can use your meet result from other countries' IPF affiliate to qualify into the MAP National Championships. All you have to do is sign up as MAP member and email us the legitimate meet result hosted by the country that you have recently competed in.

Bear in mind that your result can only be treated as a National Qualifier result. Hence, you will still be required to compete in our National Championships, if you are interested to represent Malaysia to compete in any IPF international competitions. 

How many competitions are there in a year?

The number of competitions may vary annually depends on the situation. In most cases, there will be at least 1 National Qualifier and National Championships.

How many state associations are there in Malaysia?

Currently we have 2 state associations as per following:

At what age range I can compete in the Open category?

According to the IPF rulebook 2024, once the lifter reaches 19 years old and above, you are eligible to compete in the Open category, even if your age range fall into the Junior or Masters categories. You have the options to compete either in Open category itself, or a combination of two categories (e.g. Junior+Open, or Open+Master III). The latter will require you to pay double the amount of registration fees.

If I am competing as a last Junior in this calendar year, will I be automatically qualified as an Open category next year?

No, if you have signed up for a Junior age category in one of our National Qualifier events, you are not eligible to be automatically qualified in next year's National Championships for an Open category. This is because they are both different age categories. The same concept applies to any age division (e.g. from SubJunior to Junior, Open to Master I and etc). 

Quick Tips: You can sign up for both Junior and Open categories, which requires you to pay double the amount of registration fees. This way we can use your Open category result to be qualified for next year's National Championships (provided if you have achieved the qualifying total)

How do I qualify to represent Malaysia in any IPF international competitions?

You may refer to the Qualfiying & Grading page as we have outlined all the neccesary criteria to be fulfilled in order to qualify to be MAP representative in any IPF international competitions.