Our Code of Conduct is in place to ensure our organization is of high standard and integrity, and all within it treats one another with respect and carries and conducts themselves with professionalism at all times. 

The Code of Conduct shall apply to all athletes and affiliated members of the Association (coaches, referees, volunteers, staff, and support personnel), hereby referred to as Members. All Members agree to honour the following values and principles:

  1. All Participants shall be governed by the MAP and IPF Constitution at all times, and as such, shall be subjugated to WADA anti-doping standards and testing by ADAMAS at the discretion of the Malaysian Association for Powerlifting (MAP), Asian Powerlifting Federation (APF), and/or International Powerlifting Federation (IPF).

  2. All Participants shall be professional both on and off the platform, outside of events and competitions, and/or on social media. Verbal abuse of any kind including but not limited to shouting, cursing, degrading, and/or speaking negatively to/about IPF, APF and/or MAP, and/or to/about any other participant will not be tolerated. Good sportsmanship is a must and anyone found in breach of this shall be have their membership be dismissed from good standing by the MAP Exco/Disciplinary Committee.

  3. All Participants shall be respectful to athletes, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers, support personnel, media, sponsors, and/or spectators regardless of gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, or socioeconomic status. As such, MAP has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination based on any of these aforementioned qualities.

  4. All Participants shall hold the best interests and goals of MAP as an organization above their own individual and personal interests.

Membership to MAP is conditional upon abiding by and honouring this Code of Conduct and Principles. Violations of this Code will subject the participant to discipline pursuant to the MAP Constitution (article 8.2), bylaws and rules and regulations at the discretion of the MAP Board, and could lead to a potential suspension or revocation of their membership.

If there is a complaint and/or negative feedback regarding a participant and/or experience that could be in violation of our Code of Conduct, please also send an email to map.powerlifting@gmail.com or reach us through our social media channels.